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Welcome to the Constitutional Centre

The Constitutional Centre of Western Australia was established to promote public awareness of our federal system of government with particular emphasis on its constitutional basis and the relationship with our State system.



Constitutional Centre of Western Australia in conjunction with the Australian Association of Constitutional Law

DIVIDING THE GST PIE: Western Australia’s slice?

Money – where does it come from and where should it go?  This half-day seminar will explore some of the political, economic and legal issues surrounding the current debate about the rate and distribution of GST revenues by the Commonwealth.  For many decades Western Australia was the Cinderella State receiving grant money generated by the manufacturing States. During the mineral era that position reversed. Given the present and foreseeable economic future, ought the ‘money pie’ to be cut into different portions and should WA be receiving a larger serve?

9AM – 12.30PM

• Professor Alan Fenna – Curtin University
• Professor Neil Warren – UNSW
• Mr Ben Wyatt MLA  - Shadow Treasurer WA
• Hon. Christian Porter – Parliamentary Secretary to the PM

40 Havelock St, West Perth
Parking is available on site

Bookings essential:


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