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Our Logo

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The Constitutional Logo

The Constitutional Centre of Western Australia's logo denotes the democratic principles and values embodied in our political system.

The Keystone

The Constitution is the keystone of the democratic process. It is the set of laws that determines how we are governed.

The Keystone also represents the architecture of the former Hale School building in which the Constitutional Centre is housed.

The Square

The Square represents the equality of everyone in a democracy. The letter 'L', created by its shadow represents the Legislature (the Parliament) and the laws (the legislation) it drafts.

The thin line dividing the square represents the two Houses of Parliament and acts as a bridge to the Governor, whose assent is required for legislation to become law.

The 'C'

The letter 'C' represents the citizens and the community. It links the Constitution and the Parliament and acts as a bridge between the Parliament and the people.

The citizens reach into the Parliament by their participation in the political process and by electing parliamentarians. The loosely drawn 'C' represents the dynamic nature of this relationship.