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30 Year Rule

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In 1984, the Department of Premier and Cabinet made the first transfer of
Cabinet Papers, including those from 1951 to 1980, to the State Archives.

At a meeting on 27 October 1986, Cabinet decided that a 30-year embargo would apply to the release of these Cabinet Papers.

Each year since then a new set of Cabinet Papers has become available at the State Records Office for public scrutiny under the 30-year rule.

These documents are of significant historical value as they contain:

  • Cabinet Minutes and Decisions
  • Cabinet Indexes and Agendas
  • Cabinet Accounts
  • Media Statements and Speeches

The documents are an invaluable record of the decisions of governments of the time, and cover a wide range of issues dealing with the social, political and economic development of the State. Some decisions had immediate impact; others resulted in long-term legacies.