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Part 8 - Financial

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This is an unofficial consolidation

58. All duties and revenues to form Consolidated Fund

All taxes, imposts, rates, and duties, and all territorial, casual, and other revenues of the Crown (including royalties) from whatever source arising within the State, over which the Legislature has power of appropriation, shall form one Consolidate Fund together with all other moneys lawfully credited to that Fund, and that Fund shall be appropriated to the Public Service of the State in the manner and subject to the charges hereinafter mentioned.

[CA section 64.]

59. Such fund permanently charged with expenses of collection

The Consolidate Fund shall be permanently charged with all the costs, charges, and expenses incident to the collection, management, and receipt thereof; such costs, charges, and expenses being subject nevertheless to be reviewed and audited in such manner as is directed by the Financial Administration and Audit Act 1985, or as may from time to time be directed by any Act of the Legislature.

[CA section 65.]

60. No part of the Public Revenue to be issued except on warrants from Governor

No part of the public revenue of the State arising from any of the sources aforesaid shall be issued except in pursuance of warrants under the hand of the Governor directed to the Treasurer.

[CA section 68.]

61. Consolidated Revenue to be appropriated by Act of the Legislature: Certain charges not affected

After and subject to the charges hereinbefore mentioned, all the Consolidated Fund shall be appropriated to such purposes as any Act of the Legislature shall prescribe. Provided that nothing in this Act shall affect the payment of the annual interest or the principal sums mentioned in any outstanding debentures, or  of any other charge upon the public revenue, as such interest, principal, or charge becomes due. Nor shall anything in this Act affect any pensions or superannuation allowances which at the commencement of this Act are by law chargeable upon the public revenue of the State, but all such pensions and superannuation allowances shall remain and be so chargeable, and shall be paid out of the Consolidated Fund, and all rights and benefits which at the commencement of this Act* are by law claimable by or accruing to any civil servant of the Government are hereby reserved and maintained. Provided nevertheless, that the power to suspend or remove any civil servant from his office shall be vested in the Governor in Council.

[*21 October 1890]

[CA section 72.]

Acknowledgement of Country

The Government of Western Australia acknowledges the traditional custodians throughout Western Australia and their continuing connection to the land, waters and community. We pay our respects to all members of the Aboriginal communities and their cultures; and to Elders both past and present.